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The Compassionate Educators Show

Marie Kueny

For educators and parents who desire to model joy and compassion for their students without sacrificing themselves in the process! Explore simple, yet effective, strategies to create your ideal environment whether in the classroom, at home, online or in nature! Join Marie Kueny, Licensed School counselor and Founder/CEO of Compassionate Educators, as she brings real-life experiences from the classroom and community while interviewing educational thought leaders from around the world to bring you the toolset, skillset, and most importantly the mindset to help you and your students thrive in the modern world of education. Dive deep into topics including: Growth mindset, preventing and reducing burnout and compassion fatigue, trauma-informed education, mindfulness, social emotional learning, equity, project-based learning, radical compassion... and so much more! Enjoy the show!
Episode 48: The Great Resignation with Lisa MooreApril 01, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 47: Social Emotional Learning with Slumberkins, Featuring Kelly Oriard and Callie ChristiansenFebruary 25, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 46: Standing Up to Bullying with Bullseye The ClownFebruary 11, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 45: Building Self-Esteem with Dr. Simone AliciaFebruary 04, 2022 Episode artwork Episode 44: Enjoy Your Money More with Joseph OkalyNovember 27, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 43: Emotional Regulation with Andrea HansonNovember 20, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 42: Welcome to Season 3!November 20, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 41: Creating Safety and Inclusion for LGBTQ+ Students & Staff with Lee WindJune 29, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 40: Racial Trauma and the School as a Microcosm with Thea Hunter-SpiekermannJune 22, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 39: The Intersection of Inclusive Education and Immigration with Tahmina Watson June 10, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 38: How Service Dogs Provide Unparalleled Support for Coping with PTSD, Social Anxiety and Trauma, with Brenda LauerMay 21, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 37: Empowering Women and Girls to Create a Life of Intention and Vision with Tessa ThompsonMay 07, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 36: Leveraging Leadership & Growth Mindset with Ava SharmaApril 01, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 35: Creative Assessment with Batsheva FrankelFebruary 12, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 34: Understanding the Micro-Traumas of Teen Girls with Nicole McDonald January 02, 2021 Episode artwork Episode 33: Mindfulness in School, Online and at Home with Andrew Jordan NanceNovember 27, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 32: Lesson Impossible on Letting Go of the Perfectionist Mindset with Aviva LevinNovember 25, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 31: Welcome to Season 2 (Behind-the-Scenes)November 25, 2020 Episode artwork Summer Enrichment 3: How Gardening Can Nurture At-Risk Students with Dr. Julie LetoAugust 08, 2020 Episode artwork Summer Enrichment 2: Using Creativity to Unmask Potential with Dr. De Vida GillAugust 02, 2020 Episode artwork Summer Enrichment 1: Improv to Increase Engagement, Retention and Fun with Aviva LevinJune 29, 2020 Episode artwork Summer Episode 1: Bonus! Intro to the Summer Enrichment SeriesJune 20, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 30: Supporting Gifted Students and Recognizing Individuality with Sarah Buie June 12, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 29: Holding Space for Students to Reflect and Process Events That Can Feel Overwhelming June 05, 2020 Episode artwork Episode 28: Teachers, You Don't Have To Go It AloneMay 22, 2020 Episode artwork